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Mission Bay Chiropractic always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 94 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Mission Bay Chiropractic below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.
Samantha L.
Submitted 07/21/15
Dr. Chuck is kind, informative and seems genuinely concerned about my well-being. He listened very carefully to how I was describing my neck and shoulder pain and started treating me right away. I never felt rushed like I have with other chiropractors. I instantly had more mobility in my neck after my first visit. With adjustments and practical exercises from Dr. Chuck, I feel the best I have in a long time. The entire staff is friendly and helpful, too. You can tell they all care for their clients' well-being.
Karen B.
Submitted 04/15/15
It is a very good place, Dr. Chuck was my doctor after a car accident he help me a lot , the staff very kind and excellent service.
Heather I.
Submitted 03/11/15
Robert Trindle, their massage therapist, is incredible. I've had several massage therapists over the years, and Robert was able to identify problems in my first visit that took me months worth of sessions with other therapists. Picking a health care specialist in a field like massage can be a huge challenge (as I've discovered), but Robert has a natural gift and is extremely experienced, which definitely comes across in his appointments. I highly recommend Robert!
Todd M.
Submitted 02/10/15
I have visited many chiropractors in the past few years and this office is by far the absolute best. Dr Yuen is the epidemy of professional. He diagnosed me thouroughly but before he even got there, he asked about me, what I was feeling, anything he could to gain a better understanding of why I needed treatment. His adjustments were comfortable and he sent me home loose as ever with a bunch of online stretches before my next visit. I HIGHLY recommend!!! Naomi at the front is the sweetest as well.
Lilo G.
Submitted 01/31/15
Dr Wayne is Fantastic, he is very gentle and caring. I have a really bad posture and my shoulders and neck are very stiff. I saw a sign while walking across the street to Walgreens and decided to Yelp it. It has 5 stars as it deserves it. He listened carefully and spent a long time massaging the different muscles before adjusting me. The last chiro I went to I was out the office within 5 mins. Dr Wayne takes his time and when I leave the office I feel Great!
Kristen N.
Submitted 01/05/15
I was skeptical about the place but my acute, sudden lower back pain didn't leave me much choice. Plus, 5-star Yelp rating can't be wrong, right? I saw improvements and felt relief immediately after my first appointment. That was exciting - and reassuring - considering I could barely stand up straight after having spent 2.5 days in bed with pain. Dr. Chuck is knowledgeable, patient, and a good listener. Best of all, relief is immediate. Love it! And...a shout out to Naomi, their receptionist. Pleasant, professional, perfect. I can't believe how easy the whole experience has been. They'll be my go-to for sure!
ClaudeMargaret E.
Submitted 11/29/14
Dr. Chuck is AWESOME! I can't thank Dr. Chuck enough for the expert adjustments that put my SI joint back in its proper alignment. I explained what I did and my history with this particular trouble spot and Dr. Chuck knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. I am now able to run again!!! Thank you so much for giving me sound advise on how to avoid SI joint dysfunction in the future. I always leave the Mission Bay Chiropractic office with a deeper understanding of how my body works. Katie is a fantastic massage therapist. She was able to pinpoint areas that were contributing to my lower back pain and eliminated them. She even found trigger points that I didn't know I had. Wow! I am so thankful that I found Dr. Chuck and Katie. Ingrid at the front desk is really great about working her scheduling mojo. Talk to her about getting in to have these folks fix you up. Regardless of your athletic pursuits, make sure you have a solid team of healers who can help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend Dr. Chuck and Katie at Mission Bay Chiropractic.
Anna E.
Submitted 10/02/14
I've been going to Mission Bay Chiropractic for the past 2 years and highly recommend it. Dr. Chuck has helped me through my recovery from a shoulder ordeal I've had the past 1 1/2 years with significant pain and mobility issues. Dr. Chuck has not only used a variety of chiropractic techniques but stretches and exercises as well in the treatment. He is a good listener and respectful of his client's healing process. Also, I recently experienced a massage from massage therapist, Katy who was very attentive and accommodating to my wishes and skilled at providing a very relaxing and therapeutic massage.
Li D.
Submitted 09/18/14
Dr. Wayne does very effective trigger point work, hit the tension spots right away. It's almost like combo of chiro + deep tissue at the same time. Every time my chronic tension of right shoulder and neck feel so much more relieved.
Neal F.
Submitted 09/17/14
This review is for Dr Wayne AND Robert the massage therapist. I had back spasms for about 2 weeks and went to go see Dr. Wayne. After a few sessions with Dr. Wayne, my back was in less pain, and the muscles relaxed enough to get a massage (to relieve the rest of the muscle tightness). Thanks Dr. Wayne!! Dr. Wayne recommended the in-house massage therapist, Robert. Robert is about 6' 2" and about 220lbs, a big dude. I figured if he can't apply enough pressure, nobody can. I booked right away. Robert is awesome. He is strong and can get to any muscle you want, no matter how deep. After the first session, I felt 70% better. After the second appt, I felt 110% better. Yes 110%, because i fell better now than usual. If you need a strong massage, look no further than Robert at Mission Bay Chiropractic.
Roy C.
Submitted 09/16/14
I came to Mission Bay Chiropractic for help with a tweaked lower back and hip as well as a chronic shoulder issue that I had been dealing with for a year and a half. Dr. Chuck Affatato has been very helpful with both issues, both with his hands-on adjustments and treatment and his advice on adjustments I've made in my daily routines, stretches, posture, and ergonomic setup to improve the way I feel. Dr. Chuck started with a very thorough first consultation at our first visit. In addition to a careful examination, we had an in-depth conversation about what I do on a day-to-day basis and my health history. Dr. Chuck was very knowledgeable in advising on my issues in a holistic way. He cleared up my lower back issue after the first visit. For my more stubborn shoulder issue, he gave me a combination of adjustments and recommendations on how to change my posture and office setup to prevent and manage what had been bothering me. I felt a lot better and had much better tools to care for my shoulder because of his help. Dr. Chuck is an expert on ergonomics and even stopped by my office to look at my computer and desk setup in my work space. I've made several small changes there, too, and am feeling the difference.
Sarah X.
Submitted 09/01/14
After spending many months sitting at my desk hating life due to the neck and shoulder pains, my coworker referred me to Dr. Wayne. The office is a short walk from my office, which is so convenient, so I figured why not. My insurance doesn't cover Chiropractors so I was hesitate at first, but I couldn't think of a better way to spend my money. Dr. Wayne listened to all my concerns and issues I was having and has helped to solve these pains. He truly cares about his patients, which was beyond evident when he took time out of his day to check out my office and teach me ways to better my work station. One day in an appointment I was complaining about my carpel tunnel (yes your average 20 something year old with carpel tunnel.. don't be jealous) and he went out of his way to work with my arm and reduce the pain I was feeling in my wrist! I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of seeing a Chiropractor to go see Dr. Wayne.
Annie J.
Submitted 08/28/14
Lets start by saying Dr. Wayne is the MAN! SO about a month ago I was on a family boating trip.. the kind where I would usually sit around a sip Bud Lights and eat Ruffles all afternoon.. When my much stronger and younger cousin said, 'Don't be an old lady Annie, let's see what you can do on a wakeboard’.. Fast forward to today when I have been seeing Dr. Wayne ever since said wakeboarding incident. Dr. Wayne has been so incredibly helpful. From my first assessment where I could not turn my head or bend forward to now where my initial injuries have healed and I'm making huge strides in my posture and creating a healthier spine, Dr. Wayne has been professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and considerate. He even came to my work to assess my seating arrangement and came up with cheap/free ways to make it better for me for no cost! I will continue to see him and would recommend this office to anyone. Oh and they take most insurance and offer sweet deals if you have none.
Amy G.
Submitted 08/10/14
I was in a lot of lower/upper back pain and saw Dr. Wayne at Mission Bay Chiropractic in April of 2014. I am now nearly pain free and owe so much of my recovery to Dr. Wayne. He is professional, knowledgable and truly cares about his patients. Each appointment is very thorough and I am always left with great advice and recommendations in maintaining proper posture,alignment, and core strength. The staff at Mission Bay are friendly, organized and prompt. I am continuing routine adjustments and feel so lucky to have found such a great doctor! I highly recommend!
Barbara H.
Submitted 08/02/14
I've never been to a chiropractor before and was a bit nervous. I came in with shoulder and hip pains and poor posture. I met with Dr. Chuck. I described the pains and their culprits and he was thorough in describing how we would be addressing the issues and patient with all my questions and concerns. The muscle work and adjustments are incredible. Every pain I've described has been immediately addressed and improved. Dr. Chuck has also equipped me with numerous stretches and exercises to do daily. I work in Mission Bay, so the doc dropped by my office to do an ergonomic evaluation, for free! He observed my posture and I explained to him the various positions I find myself sitting in: how I tend to slouch in my chair, lean on my arm rests, etc. He explained the importance of proper posture and then assessed my work station. With his recommendations, I worked with our office services team to acquire all the equipment necessary to create the ideal work space. We adjusted the height and distance of my monitors, installed a keyboard tray for proper wrist alignment, purchased a proper seat (a workout ball + foot rest!), and all of my computer accessories are now ergonomic. These changes were so easy to make and they have truly made a world of difference in my day to day life. Since working with Dr. Chuck, I've noticed huge improvements in my posture and my body's performance. He's also been a major part of what has inspired me to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.
Alex L.
Submitted 07/21/14
I've been going to chiropractors since I was in middle school. Dr. Chuck is easily the best I've been to. For whatever reason, I've found a lot of chiropractors to have very little in the way of personality - they work on you for a few minutes, make half-hearted pleasantries, and occasionally give you a handshake like a dead fish. Dr. Chuck is thorough - he takes his time with you, he's knowledgeable and really easy to have a conversation with. Last off, I barely need to see him anymore, which is the best testament I can give to a chiropractor's skill.
Jason H.
Submitted 07/21/14
This is a great office with very friendly organized staff. Dr Wayne knows his stuff and take great care to identify problems and create solutions for my specific needs. Love it!
Alex I.
Submitted 07/21/14
I've been going to chiropractors since I was in middle school. Dr. Chuck is easily the best I've been to. For whatever reason, I've found a lot of chiropractors to have very little in the way of personality - they work on you for a few minutes, make half-hearted pleasantries, and occasionally give you a handshake like a dead fish. Dr. Chuck is thorough - he takes his time with you, he's knowledgable and really easy to have a conversation with. Last off, I barely need to see him anymore, which is the best testament I can give to a chiropractor's skill.
Larry Z.
Submitted 01/13/14
Dr. Wayne has been a great person to work with on my road to recovery from some back pain and whiplash due to an accident. I was very skeptical about setting up an appointment after the accident but one morning I woke up and could barely move my neck and then I knew I should see a chiropractor. I found his office since it was near work for me and I knew I'd probably here more than once. Setting up an appointment was quick - I was able to see Dr. Wayne in 2 days from scheduling. Super friendly and very personable. I've been super busy within the past quarter, but am well overdue for a check.
Patrick A.
Submitted 07/28/13
Fear not, fellow wizards - I have reported Dr. Affatato to the Ministry of Magic for violation of the International Statute of Secrecy. Whilst the muggles may believe that his ability to provide quick relief from physical affliction comes from years of study and practice, I can assure you that he is not, in fact, the simple doctor he pretends to be. Indeed, the only explanation for his incredible 'skill' is an illegal use of healing spells. I'm sure I speak for all when I say that I hope this matter is resolved quickly before he causes problems for the rest of us in the wizarding world.

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