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Mission Bay Chiropractic always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 94 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Mission Bay Chiropractic below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.
Chuck V.
Submitted 08/19/10
I've been seeing Dr. Wayne for almost a year now. Mission Bay Chiropractic was close by so I gave them a try. Dr. Wayne's chiropractic skills are excellent. But more than that he's been very helpful with exercises to strengthen my back and neck. And also we are working on improving my posture. I'm finding out I carry one shoulder higher than the other and tilt my head along with other posture errors. Dr. Wayne is helping me correct that with treatments and exercises. I also appreciate the flexible hours. With my job I'm never sure exactly when the day will end and Dr. Wayne allows my appointment as late as 6PM.
Quinn Y.
Submitted 03/19/10
I've been pretty healthy all my life. So, when I injured my back about a year ago, I thought I would just rest and let it heal naturally. However, I soon realized that I am starting to get a little long in the tooth and that it might be time to set aside my pride and see a doctor. After about 4 months nursing the injury, and no significant progress, I decided to go see a regular doctor and see if he could help out. He gave me a physical and a list of stretches to go through to help out with my back. I did the stretches and it did seem to help a little, but I still had the tingling sensation in my right leg and a sore lower back still. It was slowly getting better and I was able to start playing basketball again. However, after another spill on the floor, I found myself with even more intense shooting pains up and down my leg. I couldn't jog without having considerable pain n my lower back. I decided it was time to really get this issue fixed once and for all.
Imelda S.
Submitted 02/16/10
I started coming here last fall when after having a nice massage, stretching, twisting and turning wouldn't get the kinks out of my back. I had gone to physical therapy for months to get my shoulder/back into gear after poor work ergonomics, however my back was still feeling off. I was hoping to find a chiropractor that was closer to my office than my home and found Mission Bay Chiropractic just down the street from my office. I met with Dr. Chuck who did an assessment of my range of motion along with lots of questions regarding pain, length of discomfort and so on. After a few adjustments, I was feeling so much better. He even had me do awesome stretches and exercises like superman 1 & 2. I eventually got my cape cuz I'm awesome. I've been going ever since for monthly adjustments to keep me all limber and such which has helped. I've also gone in for an 'emergency' visit which was more like a 'Oh my god I slept wrong, my neck is killing me!!' visit. Either way, he tuned me up nicely. Dr. Chuck is really thorough, more than my previous chiropractor. He remembers what you last talked about in your previous visit and isn't all new age-ish like you would think a typical chiropractor is. He's super down to earth, has a great sense of humor and enjoys homemade cookies, but also really cares about your well-being. I completely trust him which is huge. In summary: 1 star - great SOMA location 1 star - thorough examination 1 star - super cool attitude 1 star - easy to get appointments, same day even 1 star - funny stretches & exercises names 1 star (if I could add another) - candies at the front desk! 1 star (again, if I could) - awesome music playing in the background (Bryan Adams was playing last time. Uber cool)
Andi C.
Submitted 10/06/09
Dr. Wayne Yuen is the best chiropractor that I have had the pleasure to meet and seeked for chiropractic needs. He listens to his patients and offers so many helpful advices to correct my daily work routine habits while sitting in my crappy chair and piss-poor desk arrangements with multiple computers. Dr. Yuen does not over adjust or under adjust as compared to the other chiropractors that I have had in the past. He does not go for the 'loud' pops and cracks from your joints like the others. He finds the areas of my skeletal system for proper adjustments ONLY. I saw him yesterday evening after work and feel much better today. That's another plus, he has late appointment hours till 6pm for people who cannot make office visits during their work day of 8 to 5pm.
Thrasher W.
Submitted 07/18/09
Dr. Wayne and Dr. Chuck Affatato stopped by our office and gave everyone an ergonomic evaluation, which was extremely helpful. One of our office mates has some early carpal tunnel symptoms and we all needed some tips on how to work more comfortably without injury. If you are in pain or need some help with learning how to sit at your desk while decreasing your chances of injury, I highly recommend getting an ergonomic evaluation from Mission Bay Chiropractic. They offered us one-on-one evaluations, with effective stretching techniques and also left us with some handy tip-sheets to keep at our desks. They also do house calls to help you set up your home office, too.
Rochael Q.
Submitted 05/25/09
...I was in tremendous pain in my upper back and chest when I first sought Dr. Wayne's treatment. He listened carefully to all of my symptoms and prescribed treatment that dealt immediately with the acute pain and then holistically treated the long-term/chronic pain. He allows sufficient time for thorough appointments and cares genuinely about his patients' health and fitness...
Bri A.
Submitted 05/20/09
OUCH, MY BACK HURTS! Lol, that's what I was saying until I paid a visit to Dr. Chuck Affatato. My back has been anything but exceptional due to car accident a few years back, my rather large breast augmentation, and continual abusing snowboarding (or rather falling delightfully down a mountain side on my butt) trips. My symptoms included tight neck and shoulders as well as a shooting pain up my spine 1-2 times a day when leaning over. I began having trouble sleeping and finally, after a recent agonizing trip to New York, had had enough and went in search of a good Chiropractor. Too my rescue was Dr. Chuck Affatato at Mission Bay Chiropractic!
Ruby D.
Submitted 03/16/09
I had sustained a serious wrist injury earlier this year training. After hearing several good recommendations from people I trust, I went to see Dr. Affatato. I've never had a chiropractor look at one of my injuries before, so naturally I was a bit hesitant. After several minutes of consultation, Dr. Affatato put my fears at ease. He is very thorough and the results were amazing. My body healed quickly and efficiently. I have gone back for several checkups and the results are consistent. I highly recommend Dr. Affatato. He's definitely the real deal.
Courtney X.
Submitted 02/25/09
I have been really pleased with the service I've received here. Myself as well as my boyfriend have been using Dr. Chuck for over a year now and have had such good experiences. Neither one of us is into popping pains pills as a solution to his back problems or my hip pain. Chiropractic has done wonders for us and Dr. Chuck is very knowledgeable, easy-going, and great at what he does.
Kevin S.
Submitted 10/20/08
I have been a patient of Dr. Wayne Yuen for a long time now and I am very satisfied with his service. He is very attentive to my needs from allieving my nagging neck pain from golf or just educating me on preventative techniques utilizing good postures for work. I trust Dr. Yuen and would recommend him to my friends and family.
Joe T.
Submitted 08/14/08
After seeing Dr. Wayne for over 2 years now and experiencing the RESULTS that I got, I wanted to upgrade my rating for him to FIVE Stars. I feel the rating should be reflective of his excellent knowledge and service. I know I mentioned about the parking situation that I had BUT I did make my appointments many times during SF Giants games. Also, the fact that I reside in San Jose has spoiled me to always expect easy and instantaneous parking whereever I go.:-) Dr. Wayne will continue to be my Chiropractor of Choice as along as I reside in the immediate Bay Area and I will and have constantly recommended my friends and family to consult him FIRST for any of their neck and back problems.
Danielle Z.
Submitted 08/11/08
I highly recommend Dr. Wayne. I went to a few different chiropractors looking to solve a bad headache I'd been getting for years with no luck. At the suggestion of a friend I went to see him. In my first session he recognized that my jaw was offset ever so slightly and it was causing pressure on one side of my head. After only a handful of sessions he was able to fix something I thought I'd have to live with for the rest of my life! Thanks Dr. Wayne!
Matt U.
Submitted 08/01/08
Wayne Yuen is GREAT chiropractor bar none. I've been to three other chiropractors in the past and nobody has spent more time and attention to detail than Mr. Yuen.
Jenny R.
Submitted 06/10/08
Dr. Wayne is very friendly and helpful. He is a great person and spends time with me to meet my needs. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. The office is very modern and clean.

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