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How to Improve Your Posture While You Sleep

How to Improve Your Posture While You Sleep

Many people know about the importance of proper posture when sitting or standing. But did you know that you need a proper posture when sleeping? Sleeping allows your back muscles and ligaments to relax and repair themselves. But, even then, they must stay in their proper place. With proper body positioning, you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, with a good posture.

How to Achieve a Better Sleeping Posture

You must take deliberate steps to boost your alignment when sleeping. Here are some ways to improve your posture:

Do Not Lie on Your Stomach

Many people like to sleep on their stomachs to give their backs and sides a rest. But, this posture is not correct. It causes the neck to take an awkward position that twists the spine. This position causes you to develop neck and upper back pain.

Use Fewer Pillows

People stock their beds with pillows for aesthetics. But, when you sleep, especially on your back, you only need one pillow. Stocking many pillows below your head curves your neck upward and strains your shoulders and neck.

Get into the Proper Sleeping Position

Finding a suitable sleeping position can be difficult. But, the best is the one that allows you to be as straight as possible. It should maintain the natural curve of your spine. Use pillows to secure you and provide support.

The Best Sleeping Positions

Sleep on Your Back

When lying on your back, your head, shoulders, and hips are aligned. This position also supports your back. But, you may place a small pillow beneath your knees for additional support. It also helps your entire body to flow with your spine’s natural curvature.

Sleep on Your Side

For some, sleeping on their backs makes them snore. The alternative is to sleep on their side. Sleeping on your side is comfortable, too, although it can strain your lower back and disposition your spine. But, you can boost this position by placing a pillow between your knees. The pillow raises one leg and restores the natural alignment of the spine, hips, and pelvis. You may also place another pillow at your waist for extra support.

Take the Fetal Position

Sleeping in a curled-up fetal position also produces relief, especially for a person with a herniated disc. You lie on your side and tuck your knees into your chest until your back is nearly straight. You also support your head and neck with a pillow. This position opens up your joints and reduces the bending of your spine.

Lie on Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is not good, but it may be the only choice for some people. This group can improve their sleeping position by placing a slim pillow below the stomach and hips. This lifts the pelvic region, improving their spinal alignment.

You may also use a pillow for your head and neck, but it is not necessary.

Sleep on Your Stomach with Your Head Facing Down

Chiropractors discourage you from sleeping on your front because you tilt your head to the side. This position twists your spine and stresses your neck, shoulders, and back. So, if you must take the front position, lie with your head facing down. Place a small firm pillow beneath your forehead to create room for breathing. Remember to place another pillow beneath your stomach and hips.

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