Why Chiropractic Treatment Can Help When You Start New Physical Activities

Why Chiropractic Treatment Can Help When You Start New Physical Activities

Specialists usually advise people to prepare well before engaging in new physical activities. Some individuals would do so by stretching or warming up to loosen muscles and joints. Others who have stopped performing physical activities for years should do something more. Lack or absence of physical activity may lead to extreme difficulty when you decide to be active again. Here are the reasons why chiropractic treatment can assist you in performing new physical activities.

Helps You Work It Again

You lose it if you don’t use it.

This adage always sticks, especially if you don’t plan to do anything different on a physical level soon. Muscles don’t forget even if you stop regular physical activities. Experts say that you should just work on those muscles again. If you lost your ability to move because of an accident or an illness, your chiropractor can help. A study led by Holt in Scientific Reports states that chiropractic care can increase mobility and strength. It also states that your chiropractor can help you start physical activities through proper chiropractic manipulation.

Yields Fulfilling Results

Chiropractors can influence brain function through regular sessions. Chiropractic manipulations can improve your spine’s proprioceptive processing and biomechanical patterns of movement. Take note that chiropractic methods may take some time to take effect. Changing your muscle structure, muscle health, spinal movement, and posture is usually tedious. This process may take weeks or even months.

Your muscle memory is there to re-learn old movements first. With your chiropractor’s help, your muscles can get used to their old patterns of motion. After this, they will be ready to create new and healthy movements. You and your chiropractor must engage in repetitive routines to make this possible. Patience is a requirement.

Targets Muscle Tension

Anatomy tells us that muscles connect to bones through tendons. When your spine doesn’t have proper alignment, it pulls and dislocates muscles. This event causes muscle tension and imbalance. The subluxation inhibits you from performing old and new physical tasks.

Your vertebral column doesn’t only consist of bones. It encases the cerebrospinal fluid and the spinal cord that connect to your brain. Any misalignment in your spine can cause muscle tension. This then causes difficulty in creating movements.

Chiropractors recommend regular sessions. That way, you can train your muscles to perform new physical activities. A pilot study by Shambaugh in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy states that chiropractic adjustments can decrease muscle tension. Once your spine aligns and nerves relax, your body gains more freedom to move.

A licensed chiropractor can help your body regain its ability to perform old and new physical activities. At Mission Bay Chiropractic, we can help target the muscular and spinal areas that prevent you from performing new physical tasks. Please call us at 415-855-4300 if you want to make inquiries or schedule an appointment. You are also welcome to enter our clinic doors in San Francisco, California, for a one-on-one consultation.

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